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How much does Brand Gauge cost to use?
Brand Gauge is currently completely free so to encourage early adopters. The only existing restrictions are the number of items allowed to be monitored as well as the number of search results returned.
What data can be collected?
Data collected include website metrics and social media platform metrics

Website metrics
Social media metrics shares associated with a URL 
Facebook - likes, shares and comments
Twitter - retweets
Linkedin - shares
Pinterest - pins
Stumbleupon - stumble count
Disqus - total comments
Reddit - points and number of comments
Search engine metircs - Google page rank.

Social Media Platform Metircs
Facebook pages (not including personal profiles)
Twitter profiles
Instagram profiles
Vimeo Video's
YouTube Channels and Videos
We are constantly adding new networks, tell us about any recommendations you have.
Why are search results shown in jibberish?
In some cases, international fonts are being displayed incorrectly. Please inform us if you encounter this problem.
Why is data being displayed not accurate?
Sometimes content such as YouTube clips have multiple links. To collect the proper data make sure the original/root link is queried.
Can I share data across accounts
Brand Gauge stores data by creating a profile associated with a Facebook account. If you would like to share data between users or have reports sent to multiple email addresses please contact us.
Does Brand Gauge have an API?
Currently we do not, if we gain enough interest we will develop one!