Welcome to Brand Gauge, the new platform for searching and monitoring social media metrics.

We are currently in Beta phase, allowing users to sample our product free of charge while continuously improving the product usability, performance and speed of access and retrieval of information. We are keen to receive your feedback.

Please use the following guide to search and monitor your selected terms – a brand name, a company name, a topic of interest, or even you own name – and give us your feedback.

For more information and inquiries please contact us! read our faq for further help, or use the green Feedback button on the left of the dashboard screen.

How to use Brand Gauge:

Tracking Page

  • For a wide search just enter your search term into search field (brand, topic, name, anything of interest). Brand Gauge will automatically display results from a variety of search channels in the Tracking page.


  • Manually select search channels by going to Advanced search


  • To enter a link of a social media page or web select Add Url Manually. It is possible to enter links with url add site or alternatively upload a csv spreadsheet with csv import.


Discovering Current Social Media Data

After finding the relevant content of interest, click on the Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 9.48.26 AM.png button and select the metrics to display.


  • An example of YouTube search results could be: Aggregating data on number of Facebook Likes,Shares,Comments,Twitter retweet count and Google Plus ones of the video you are interested in.


Monitoring Social Media Content

To monitor social media metrics, customize alerts and reports click on the Gauge button that appears in the row of the relevant item.


  • Choose the items for daily monitoring by checking the box next to the appropriate metric.
  • To receive daily email reports turn on the Send daily email report, note only checked items will be included in the report
  • Create social media alerts by turning on the switch. Make sure the item is checked and choose from the droplist under what condition to receive an alert and in the input box enter the required number. You can create multiple alerts instances by selecting the +


Gauging Page

The Gauging Page is where all the data monitored from the tracking page is stored and displayed.

  • Monitored pages are organized by type and accessed on the top bar.
  • To display a graph of data select Screen shot 2014-03-23 at 2.57.38 PM.png Show total user engagement
  • Gauging options – metrics monitored, reports and alerts can be changed in the preference window.